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Personal Directive

What is an Personal Directive?

A Personal Directive is one part of a comprehensive estate plan.  A Personal Directive is a written, signed, dated and witnessed document that gives someone else the right, while you are still alive, to act on your behalf with respect to your health care and personal decisions.
For example, this document could allow them to instruct doctors, chose a care facility, arrange home care or find you social or rehabilitation programming if you are not able.  
A Personal Directive does not give someone authority to make decisions regarding your financial affairs If you want someone to help with paying bills, banking, taxes and investments please contact us to make a Power of Attorney.

Why should I make a Personal Directive?

If you suffer a serious accident or illness you may become incapable of deciding
healthcare or personal matters for yourself. In this event, it may be advisable to authorize someone to act
for you and your best interests in making healthcare and other personal decisions.

Who should make a Personal Directive?

All adults should consider making a Personal Directive – You never know what life will bring.  

Who should be my Agent? 

The person you name to represent you in a Personal Directive is called your “Agent”.  This can be anyone you trust to act on you behalf who you believe will act in your best interests.  It is often a spouse or adult child, but it can be any adult you choose.  

When can my Agent act on my behalf?

You must sign a Personal Directive while you have mental capacity, but your Agent will only make decisions for you if you are not able.
Huff Law will review your particular situation with you so you can make the best decision for you.  


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