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What is a Legal Will?

A Will is one of 3 documents available in Alberta that forms part of a comprehensive estate plan. It is a document that sets out what you want done after you die.  The Will names someone to represent you in death and outlines who benefits from your Estate. In addition, the Will outlines important considerations like who will take guardianship and look after your children in the unfortunate event you pass away.  


Who should have a legal will?

All adults who are mentally capable should have a Will. Huff Law will ensure the legal formalities are taken care of so you have a legally binding Will. 

If you are married or single, have children or not, a legal Will is essential to ensuring your estate inherited by the people or organizations you choose. Even if your wishes are straightforward, having a will can drastically reduce the time and expense required to deal with your estate and will ease the administrative burden on those left behind.  


What happens if I die without a Will in Calgary or Alberta?

If you do not have a Will, generally your spouse, children, or a close relative can apply to the courts to be appointed as the person who has the right to handle or administer your estate. There are default provisions in law that determine how your estate is distributed if you do not have a Will, but this can be different than what you want.  Huff Law can help you structure your will to clarify your wishes and avoid unnecessary taxes and fees on death.


Huff Law will work with you to put in place a Will that lays out your wishes for the future of your Estate and children.  


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