Calgary Business Law: Running a Business

It is crucial to seek legal advice tailored to your type of business.

At Huff Law, it is important to us that your business operate efficiently and effectively. We work diligently to resolve any legal issues as soon as we can. We provide many legal services to assist with running your business.

Minute Book Record Management

A corporation has an obligation to keep its business records updated each year.  Let Huff Law take care of filing annual returns and dealing with Corporate Registries for you to ensure your business is always up to date.

Drafting and Reviewing Leases

Leasing your location or space is often one of the biggest costs to a business. When dealing with Calgary business agreements and leases, Huff Law can help to provide legal advice and feedback on the contract to ensure your rights are protected, you you are in the proper space for your business and you are meeting all your obligations to the landlord.

As a Landlord, Huff Law can help you put a lease in place with your tenants that properly protects your business interests and the physical space.  

Drafting and Reviewing Contacts and Commercial Agreements

A solid understanding or your business agreements is critical to your business success and so your valuable time is not wasted dealing with disputes.  When drafting or reviewing contracts Huff Law can provide advice on representations and warranties, confidentiality issues, non-disclosure clauses, and termination clauses to ensure each party has a firm understanding of the deal. 

Drafting and Reviewing Shareholder Agreements

As your business grows, Huff Law can help you make a unanimous shareholder agreement to protect the long-term operation of the business to ensure that shareholders are treated fairly as they operate and leave the business. Addressing issues such as the death, incapacity or divorce of a shareholder will ensure that the business is protected when life changes for one of the shareholders.  

Employment Considerations

Managing employees is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business. Huff Law can help create contracts for both employees and independent contractors to assist with the smooth running of your business . As well, they work with you to achieve a fair and timely resolution in the event the relationship with an employee is terminated or comes to an end.  

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