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Commercial Real Estate Law 

Purchasing Commercial Real Estate in Calgary?

The commercial real estate market in Calgary is always changing, so having the expertise of an experienced local real estate lawyer will make your purchase or sale go as smoothly as possible.

Huff Law can assist with negotiating a purchase and sale agreement, reviewing your purchase or sale contract, putting financing in place, representing you to complete the transaction, refinancing or any step along the way.  

As a commercial landlord, Huff Law can assist you with negotiating and reviewing leases with your tenants to protect your business and the leased space .  

Buying and selling commercial real estate is often part of your larger business strategy.  We pride ourselves on working with you to see the whole picture to best advise you through the process.

Questions always come up. Let us know how we can help!

What to expect from Huff Law?

Soon after we receive a copy of the contract from you or your broker, we will make an introductory phone call to you.  The first call is also important for us to get critical information from you and to give you an overview of the transaction process.  Early in the process, important considerations include:

  • whether due diligence information needs to be reviewed or provided
  • whether updated surveys are required
  • the need for preliminary transactions or re-structuring before closing the deal
  • the need for approvals from shareholders or municipalities
  • your schedule and availability to complete the transaction

Early consideration of the whole transaction allows us to anticipate and prevent hiccups putting your mind at ease.  

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